HWCFC Programs

Our CHAMP food program is for HWCFC clients with special dietary needs. The program is almost two years old and is very successful!

Claiming a Healthy Attitude both Mentally and Physically


Must be a HWCFC client


Client must have special dietary needs such as: high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, or other health factors.

Client must be working with their provider on their health condition. The HWCFC will also require an annual letter from their provider explaining diet restrictions.

Client must meet with our dietitian.


When using CHAMP food cards, the client can only purchase foods allowed within their specified diet.  CHAMP food cards are available from HyVee, Kroger, and Aldi.

Each time the client uses one of the CHAMP gift cards, they must bring the receipt to the HWCFC office. This is to ensure compliance and must be done before any more gift cards are given.